Skrewts Take Pool by Storm, Take Second Seed Into Bracket.

by Kevin Oelze on Feb. 16, 2013, 9 p.m.

The Skrewts have won their pool in Western Cup IV, taking the overall #2 seed heading into the elimination bracket on Sunday. UCLA ended up the #1 seed, with the Lost Boys as the #3 seed and USC as the #4 seed.

The Skrewts opened the day playing the lowest seed, University of Arizona. The Skrewts controlled this match from the get-go, ultimately winning 250-40* when University of Arizona pulled the snitch to end the match. While Arizona was a new team, they impressed with some obvious athleticism and solid strategy. However, this match was all Skrewts, as they used their now-familiar passing game to set themselves up for lots of easy goals. The beater line of Miles and Timbrook played their usual phenomenal game, helping lock down the defense and providing offensive support. This game also saw the return of co-captain Kathleen Richter, who hadn't played for the Skrewts since October with a knee injury suffered when playing Cal. The game saw captain Kevin Oelze find a nice stat-line, as he mixed his six goals with seven assists. Also notable were the first official goals for Jason Winerip and Martin Pyne.

In their second game, the Skrewts faced familiar ...

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Skrewts to Play in Western Cup IV

by Kevin Oelze on Feb. 14, 2013, noon

The Skrewts will be participating in the fourth annual Western Cup. The tournament will feature 17 teams, including UCLA, USC, ASU, NAU, the Lost Boys, Utah, Berkeley, Stanford, and San Jose State's team.

The Skrewts drew the top seed in their pool, where they will be playing the Utah Crimson Fliers, Stanford University, and the University of Arizona. The winning team will be in a highly advantageous position for qualifying for World Cup VI in Kissimmee, FL on April 13 and 14.

Skrew-its Take Groundhog Hoedown

by Kevin Oelze on Feb. 2, 2013, 8 p.m.

The Silicon Valley Skrewts captured their second tournament win in the last three weeks, as they sent two split-squad teams to the 6-team double-elimination Groundhog Hoedown hosted by University of California at Berkeley's team. The "Join Bay Area Quidditch on Facebook" team was eliminated after two games, though they featured most of the newer players on the team. They availed themselves well, losing to Berkeley 80*-10 on Berkeley's snitch snatch. They were eliminated 140*-10 by San Jose State's team, which bounced back after a rough showing at Sunshine Bowl.

The other team, the Silicon Valley Skrew-its, were utterly dominant through the entire tournament. They began by defeating San Jose State 90-50* in the first game, where San Jose pulled the snitch when down 70 points to end the game. This brought them to the finals of the winner's bracket, where they faced the Berkeley team that had defeated their other team. In a nearly thirty minute game, the Skrew-its defeated the Bears 170*-70, staying well out of snitch range the entire game and ultimately winning on seeker Forrest Stone's pull.

They then awaited the Loser's Bracket champion, which ended up being Berkeley, who defeated Stanford 70*-50. Needing to win only ...

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Skrewts Win Sunshine Bowl II at Stanford!

by Kevin Oelze on Jan. 20, 2013, 11:27 a.m.

In a five-team round robin tournament hosted at Stanford, the Skrewts came out on top to win their first tournament in their history. Stanford hosted the Skrewts, San Jose State University, the Lost Boys, and the Santa Barbara Blacktips at the event.

The Skrewts opened the tournament by dispatching a new, but extremely athletic, Santa Barbara team, using their passing game to generate quick scores and playing stifling defense. The Skrewts ultimately won 110*-20 in a 20 minute game, which was ended as the snitch came back to the pitch by Igor Gorbatok's snitch pull.

In their second game, the Skrewts played San Jose State, whom they defeated 140*-0 in a game again ended by Gorbatok. The Skrewts dominated every facet of this game, as they used a combination of hard-hitting defense and constant bludger control to completely neutralize the San Jose offense.

In their third game, the Skrewts defeated Stanford 110*-20 in an extremely short match that was ended on seeker Sam Fischgrund's off-pitch snitch pull 9 minutes into the game. The Skrewts scored most of their goals in transition, as both keeper Craig Kaplan and chaser Greg Weber were able to score quick goals off of nifty transition ...

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Welcome to the Skrewts Website!

by Kevin Oelze on Dec. 2, 2012, 7:02 p.m.

As you can see, we're finally launching our new website! For now, our only real features are a roster page and news items, which we'll be populating as things happen. Feel free to explore and give feedback!

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