The Skrewts were finally knocked out of the Western Cup, losing 100^-60* to the Lost Boys in overtime. The Skrewts were engaged in a hard-fought, physical game against the Lost Boys, led by a strong beater core and keeper Tony Rodriguez. Up 40-30, the Lost Boys were able to score twice in rapid succession, pushing the Skrewts to the bring of elimination. However, the Skrewts were given a second life by seeker Sam Fischgrund's off-pitch snitch grab 18 minutes into the game to force overtime. However, in overtime, the Lost Boys were able to catch the snitch in the first 15 seconds, giving them the 100 to 60 victory.

Ultimately, this tournament was a huge victory for the Skrewts, as they qualified for World Cup VI, and utterly shocked most quidditch observers unaware of the huge improvements the Skrewts had made. They took third overall, tying with USC, and recording their best appearance in a major tournament ever. This is a team ready to turn heads at World Cup VI in Kissimmee in April!