After years of disuse, the Skrewts website is back under the helm of our new Vice President and Queen of All Social Media, Elizabeth Barcelos. A lot has happened since our last update; here's what you need to know to get back up to speed:

-We ended our 2013-2014 season with a Sweet Sixteen finish at World Cup 7!

-In 2014-2015, we had the best record in Northern California and qualified for World Cup 8.

-At WC8, we went 2-3 in closely contested Swiss play. Our opponents included two regional champions (Ohio State Quidditch and the Tufts University Tufflepuffs) and the best finishing Northeast team (Rochester Thestrals).

-In 2015-2016, the Skrewts started the year with one of our smallest rosters ever. In spite of this, the team qualified with the last West bid for US Quidditch Cup 9, made bracket play on day two, and won the inaugural Northern California Quidditch Conference Championship! No games were played with more than 13 players.

If 2015-2016 was a rebuilding year, 2016-2017 is looking to be the year we add to last year's core and reach new levels of Skrewts history. We've played in five straight IQA/USQ championships, sharing that record with only two West teams (UCLA and ASU) but no other community team. As the sport has evolved, so have we.

Interested in being a part of the latest chapter of Skrewts history? Join Bay Area Quidditch on Facebook for practice invites. Our open practices are usually 1-4 pm at Rengstorff Park in Mountain View. See you on the pitch, and don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @SVSkrewts!